Desperate to follow in the footsteps of his absent astronaut father, 13 year old Jimmy’s dreams come true when he wins one of five opportunities to compete for a scholarship to Space Camp. Convinced that his mother won’t let him go, he pieces together his father’s old voicemails to create the perfect alibi: a doctored message that makes his mum think he’s camping with his dad, while his dad thinks he’s at home with his mum! A couple of forged signatures later, and unbeknownst to both his parents, Jimmy is on his way... When he gets to the Space Center, Jimmy finds himself working alongside genius kid candidates from all over the world, and instantly impresses them with his vast knowledge of Space. He even breezes through the physical training, particularly on the machines that make all the other first-timers puke. But just as he starts to make friends and help the other candidates gel as a team, Jimmy’s mum and dad get wise to his stunt and drag him back home. But as he leaves, Jimmy discovers that astronauts in the International Space Station are about to run out of air. Jimmy’s father is urgently called into NASA and Jimmy sneaks out of the house and back to the Space Center where he assembles the young team and motivates them to work tirelessly until they find a solution. As time is running out, they realize that by instructing the astronauts how to build a robot from spare parts, by reducing their body temperature enough so that they can get into a state of suspended animation, and by remote piloting empty space suits to transfer oxygen canisters, it might just work!

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