We All Scream For Ice Cream William Forsythe of The Devil's Rejects stars as Buster The Clown, a mentally challenged man who sells ice cream from his Cheery Tyme truck until a cruel prank by a bunch of neighbourhood boys goes horrifically wrong. A generation later they’re all grown men with families, but the crime of their past may now be trolling for their children: Buster and his truck have returned for sweet revenge, and every frozen treat will bring its own taste of Hell. Sounds Like For call centre supervisor Larry Pearce (Chris Bauer of The Wire, Third Watch and 8MM), listening is a way of life. His days are spent monitoring hundreds of tech support phone conversations, his ultra-sensitive ears attuned to every nuance of voice and sound. But in the months following his young son’s tragic death, Larry’s hearing intensifies until it becomes virtually superhuman. Now simple noises around him have amplified into a cacophony of torment. And as Larry slowly begins to lose his grip on reality, he must take violent action to quiet the deafening clamor. In a world where nothing screams louder than the madness of grief, how far will one man go to find the ultimate paradise of absolute silence? The Washingtonians What if everything we believe about our sacred icons of American history turned out to be a complete lie? Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do!) and Saul Rubinek (Frasier) star in this gruesome tale about the discovery of a Revolutionary War artifact that proves George Washington’s famed wooden teeth hungered for more than just liberty. How far will a group of homicidal historians now go to keep a hero’s grisly legacy alive? Would our government deliberately hide the truth to cover-up the meat of the matter? A feast of answers – complete with huge helpings of human carnage – will all be served at the final banquet of The Washingtonians. The Damned Thing Twenty-four years ago, outside a small Texas town, young Kevin Reddle watched helplessly as his oilman father brutally slaughtered his mother before being torn apart by an invisible force. Today the county Sheriff, Kevin (Sean Patrick Flanery of The Boondock Saints) remains haunted by memories of that night and the fear that “the damned thing” may someday return. Now as the citizens of Cloverdale explode into a homicidal frenzy, the one man who has uncovered the truth is about to meet his own horrific destiny. Dream Cruise Daniel Gillies of Spider-Man 2 stars as an American attorney in Japan whose childhood trauma has left him with a crippling fear of the ocean. But when he begins a dangerous affair with the wife of a wealthy client, a sunset boat trip will reveal the violence and vengeance that waits just below the surface. How do you unleash the horrific ghosts of everyone’s past? Just add water! The V Word For two geeky best friends who’ve only experienced carnage via their video games, it’s the ultimate late night dare: Ever seen a real dead guy? But when the pair breaks into a creepy local mortuary, they unleash a ferocious ghoul (Michael Ironside of Scanners and Starship Troopers) who’s hungry to share a few depraved urges of his own. Even if these pals-for-life can resist a violent suburban blood-spree, is there any peer pressure more horrific than that of the undead? Jodelle Ferland of Silent Hill co-stars in this grisly twist on teenage vampirism written by series creator Mick Garris. We All Scream For Ice Cream • Audio Commentary Featuring Director Tom Holland and Writer David J. Schow • Sweet Revenge: The Making of We All Scream for Ice Cream • Melt Down: The Scoop on the Visual and Make-up Effects • Script • Still Gallery Sounds Like • Audio Commentary Featuring Director Brad Anderson • "Aural Madness: The Making of Sounds Like" • "A Cacophony of Sounds Like" • Script • Still Gallery The Washingtonians • Audio Commentary Featuring Director Peter Medak and Writer/Star Jonathon Schaech • Feast On This: The Making of The Washingtonians • Bloopers • Wigs, Teeth and Power! • Script • Still Gallery The Damned Thing • Audio Commentary Featuring • "The Damned Thing: Building the Oil Monster" • "Texas Terror: The Making of The Damned Thing" • Tobe Hooper’s Biography • Script • Still Gallery Dream Cruise • Audio Commentary featuring Actor Daniel Gillies & Producer Mick Garris • The Making of Dream Cruise Featurette • Stills Gallery • Screenplay The V Word • Audio Commentary Featuring Director Ernest Dickerson and Writer/Executive Producer Mick Garris • Feeding Frenzy: The Making of The V Word • Script • Bite Me!: Mastering the Neck Wound • Still Gallery

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